What Is A Deep Clean & Why Is It Necessary?

vacuum cleaning carpet

For most people, cleaning your carpet means vacuuming. In reality, thorough carpet care takes time and a LOT of effort. That’s why A-Team Carpet Clean is dedicated to providing expert care and service for our clients to ensure your carpets are cleaned thoroughly and effectively.

When Do You Need A Deep Clean

Our team offers two carpet cleaning services, a Basic Carpet Clean and a Deep Carpet Clean. Your carpet may need a professional deep cleaning if: 

  • You have pets that shed.
  • Your carpet is in a high-traffic area. 
  • There are dark, heavy stains throughout. 
  • You have deep pet odors/stains requiring strong pet treatments for maximum results. 
  • Your carpets have not been cleaned in two years (or more).

What Is Our Deep Clean Service

A Deep Clean is an extensive process that gets down to the core of removing dirt, dust, and buildup including odors and stains. We apply a special liquid solution to help remove foreign objects and stains like soil from your carpet’s fibers. Then, we’ll scrub in the stain-remover to lather and penetrate the carpet while compounds sit. Afterwards, we rinse the carpet with hot water reaching 230 degrees! That’s HOT enough to get both our solution and impurities out of your carpet. The dry time can take a while, up to two hours longer than other processes, but trust us- it’s worth the results!

Scrubbing is a huge factor in the Deep Clean process. And while you pay more for a Deep Clean, the scrubbing power won’t damage your carpets the way rotary machines can. More steps in the Deep Clean process include:

  • Pre-Vacuuming. 
  • High traffic pre-treatment is applied to areas being cleaned.
  • Powerful scrubbing.
  • Spot removal. 
  • Deodorizer. 

Our Deep Clean is recommended when you’re looking to remove as much hair, foreign soil, stains, and odor as possible. This Deep Clean service will surely revive your carpet back to life!  If you’re looking for a deep carpet clean that you don’t have to do yourself and is safe on ALL carpets and rugs, A-Team’s May deal is perfect! A-Team Carpet Clean is offering $22 off any 3 Room Deep Clean scheduled in the month of May! Click here to schedule your Deep Clean.