Don’t Let a Stain Put a Damper on Your Valentine’s Dinner

wine stain

You have planned it down to the very last detail for your romantic dinner with your special someone for Valentine’s Day. You thought of it all- the flowers, the meal, the wine, the candles. An accidental spill can quickly ruin the mood and take away from your well laid out plans. 


Here are a few common stains that occur on this special occasion, and how to be prepared for them so you can get back to your magical evening as quickly as possible:


Candle Wax


If you have ever dealt with a wax spill before and didn’t know what to do, I bet you still have a wax spot on your carpet, don’t you? The good news is wax spills are much easier to clean up than most people think, and you can still treat that lingering wax spot. After the wax has solidified, simply pick off any large pieces. Then, scrape away what residue you can with a plastic knife. Last of all, take your clothes iron and a clean, white cloth. Place the cloth over the wax and iron over it. Slowly and carefully move the cloth around, only ironing clean cloth to avoid spreading the wax. Soon the wax will be as good as gone!




To remove chocolate from fabrics, run under cold water and pretreat. For furniture or carpet, grab an ice cube. Hold the ice cube over the chocolate. Once it’s solid, gently scrape with the edge of a spoon. When most of the chocolate is gone, blot gently with cold water.


Red Wine


When you drop a wine bottle or glass, it makes your heart sink, but don’t fear! Wine stains are also easier to treat than you may think too. Remember to dab stains lightly so you don’t rub in and spread them.  Spritz, don’t pour, water and cleaning solutions onto the stain. Too much liquid can harm carpet, especially if it is not all removed. If you have a bottle of our professional grade spot remover, now is the perfect time to use it! 


If you don’t have any spot cleaner on hand, here are a few at home remedies you can try as well:


Sprinkle salt on the spill to soak up excess wine.

Rinse well with white wine or club soda, then cold water. 


Lastly, use several clean cloths instead of reusing the same one. Cover the cleaned area overnight with layers of paper towels weighed down with a heavy object. This will pull out residual liquid.

Remember, above all, don’t let a stain ruin your perfect evening with the one you love. If at first you don’t succeed, reach out to us. We’ll be ready to offer a free bottle of our professional grade spot stain remover for any 3 room carpet cleaning scheduled in the month of February. You’ll rest easy knowing you have the same solution on hand as the pros! Click here to book your service.