Spring Cleaning Tips

cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer placed upon a wooden table with a white background- spring cleaning

Springtime is here and ready to get you into the cleaning mood! Spring cleaning is an important part of this season, but it can be tough to start, especially when you know there’s so much to clean. Knowing exactly what needs to be done for the best results possible can also make the experience challenging. But don’t worry, we have some useful advice for how to start the process and to keep your home dirt and germ free!

Make A List

Checklists are an excellent way to kick off your spring cleaning. We know that repairs and maintenance can pile up over the year. It can be easy to forget what needs to be done when and where. That’s why we suggest making a to-do list and a list of repairs that need to be done as one of your first steps! You can section out items as big or small, note services best done by professionals, and even remind yourself of projects you wanted to start but never got around to! 

Stock Up On Supplies

If you haven’t been keeping up with your cleaning supplies, now is the time. Make sure you have enough trash bags, cleaning solutions, rags and dust removers because you’re going to need them! Spring is the best time to throw out the old and bring in the new, so don’t be afraid to go all out! 

Start Small And End Big 

Remember cleaning your room as a kid, and your parents would tell you to pick up one item at a time? Think that small! You could start by throwing away all of your trash and unnecessary items, or even picking a small project like cleaning your microwave. Whatever it is, you’ll be able to work your up way to bigger and better things once you ease into the cleaning mood. We believe in you – just remember to take breaks!

Keep Dirt Out 

Spring showers bring May flowers… as well as mud and dirt! Not everyone has a built-in mudroom to help keep the outside world contained. But what you can do is follow a few simple guidelines to help keep your home dirt-free after all your hard work. 

  • Doormats! Having a doormat both inside and outside your home is a great way to keep dirt and mud contained in one place, AND your wet shoes from that sudden rain shower can dry off somewhere that isn’t your clean floor.
  • Utilize your laundry room. You’re bound to come home soaking wet or having stepped in a large pile of mud by accident. Your laundry room is the perfect place to designate as a first-stop area for everyone entering your home, so wet clothes can be dried out and muddy shoes aren’t going everywhere! 
  • Speaking of dirty shoes… boot racks are fantastic for both drying out wet sneakers and keeping dirt/mud from ever even touching your clean floor to begin with!

Of course, if spring cleaning isn’t your favorite pastime, or if dirt and mud are invading your home, our team of carpet cleaning experts is always ready to help! Don’t let things like dirt, dust and mud ruin the season. We’re offering a 4 room basic cleaning service for $105 if you book with us in April and use the code CLEANAPRIL! Let our professionals do the spring cleaning for you. Click here to book your service.