What Is A Deep Clean & Why Is It Necessary?

vacuum cleaning carpet

For most people, cleaning your carpet means vacuuming. In reality, thorough carpet care takes time and a LOT of effort. That’s why A-Team Carpet Clean is dedicated to providing expert care and service for our clients to ensure your carpets are cleaned thoroughly and effectively. When Do You Need A Deep Clean Our team offers…

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Reducing Allergens at Home

woman dusting for allergens

Allergy sufferers may feel helpless at times when allergens such as dust, pollen and mold are harming their quality of life. However, it is possible to reduce those bothersome symptoms like runny noses and watery eyes! Here are some good cleaning habits to help with allergies year-round: Keep your bed and mattress clean A dust…

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Busy? Try Online Booking Like Susan!

Meet Susan. Susan is busy juggling responsibilities every day, which doesn’t leave her much time to call and schedule carpet cleaning during office hours. But Susan is smart. She takes advantage of living in 2019 and uses online booking to schedule appointments. After the kids are in bed. With a glass of wine. And complete…

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In Memory: A Tribute to our Mascot “Axel”

Our beloved team mascot Axel passed away in April 2019 at 12 years of age from kidney failure that he battled towards the end of his adult life. He was such a good dog and we will all miss his lovable ways. Axel was a blue brindle Cane Corso born on March 26th, 2007, adopted…

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