Potty Training Your Pup

puppy on urine stained carpet

Adding a new member to your family is exciting! You’re gaining a best friend and cuddle buddy… or a new roommate that occasionally demands ear scratches. Whatever they add to your life, potty training is still one of the toughest and most important aspects of bringing a new pet into your home. Once your pet does their business indoors, they can slip into bad habits. Luckily, we have some tips and tricks to help!



Much like infants, puppies don’t have fully developed digestive systems. They need smaller meals broken up throughout the day, and any deviance in what they eat and when can impact how it comes out later. 

You should be feeding your new friend about three meals a day with quality food. Making sure your puppy’s systems can handle what you’re feeding them, as well as providing smaller portions, can save you a stinky mess and clean up time later. 


Consistency & Praise

Your new family member can only do so much to communicate their needs! And if you’re not picking up what they’re putting down…. Well, you may literally be picking it up later. 

Puppies don’t have the same control over their bodies that we do as adults, just like a toddler or infant. We may not be able to diaper our pups like we can children, but we can use consistent breaks outside and praise. 

You should be taking a puppy outside at least once every two hours, before bedtime, immediately in the morning and after every meal. This should help regulate when they need outside, and making sure you’re providing plenty of positive reinforcement (such as treats or play time) will help them to remember where they should be doing business! 


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