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We offer top-notch professional carpet cleaning in Lawton OK and surrounding areas. We also offer upholstery care, water extraction, tile and grout cleaning, carpet repair, and more! Being a locally owned and operated company, we give our residential and commercial clients in Comanche County of Oklahoma the best, most reliable services. We aim to deliver cleaning jobs that will make our valued friends and neighbors truly pleased with the outcomes of their cleaning project with A-Team Carpet Clean in Lawton, OK. Contact us for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment for cleaning services.

A-Team Carpet Clean specializes in the following services:

Carpet Cleaning:

A healthy home starts from the ground up with clean carpet. Research shows that properly maintained carpet promotes improved indoor air quality for you and your family. Your carpet acts as a sponge capturing unwanted dust, soil, pollen, dander, food particles, and a host of other contaminants.

A-Team Carpet Clean can eliminate these unwanted invaders, cleaning deep down and bringing back vibrant color and beauty to your carpet. We provide professional carpet cleaning in Lawton, OK and surrounding areas in accordance with the industry standards specified by most new carpet warranties. As professional carpet cleaners we agree with the IICRC and recommend that carpets be cleaned a minimum of every 12 or 18 months, before it shows soiling. 

A-Team offers the following carpet services:

  • Carpet Cleaning & Deodorizing
  • Scotchgard Brand Protector
  • Stain Removal
  • Pet Odor & Urine Stain Removal
  • Bleach Correction
  • Carpet Repair
  • Power Stretching
  • Water Damage & Restoration

Our "A-Team Certified Premium Carpet Cleaning Package" includes the following 10 Steps to Lasting Beauty:

Our Technician performs a walk through inspection with you to identify soiling conditions,

carpet construction, and potential permanent stains.

Your carpet is pre-vacuumed to remove bonded, dry soil.

Sofas, chairs, and tables can be moved for an additional cost.

Traffic areas and spots are pre-treated to loosen up heavy grease and oil bonds.

Your carpet is pre-groomed with a carpet groomer and, depending on soil level, with a rotary cleaning machine to further loosen traffic area soil. This is the agitation process, or scrubbing.

Once the soil is loosened, our truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning process thoroughly flushes the carpet pile. Pressure and heat are regulated to prevent the carpet from being over-wet.

The pH level is balanced on every carpet and fabric cleaned. This is one of the most important steps according to carpet manufacturers, normally completed during the extract & rinse process, or if necessary when a post spray is applied. This allows the carpet to stay clean longer and resist soiling over time.

If any spots are not removed during the initial cleaning process, we employ specialty spotting techniques.

Your carpet is also treated with Scotchgard Brand Protector to prevent future spots and soiling.

Note: Potential permanent stains as identified by technician may not be removed.

The carpet pile is set in one direction to aid the drying process.

We walk with you through your home or business to inspect the work.

If you are satisfied with the finished product our technician will have you sign a receipt.

Your carpet represents a significant investment in your home. And nothing protects this investment more than a thorough professional carpet cleaning by A-Team Carpet Clean. The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends that carpet be cleaned a minimum of every 12 or 18 months, before it shows soiling. Daily vacuuming is the most important cleaning activity, but deep Hot Water Extraction cleaning must be performed to remove stubborn or embedded soil. 

Keep in mind the 4 MUST's in Carpet Cleaning, basic steps to getting a carpet looking new again:

  • Chemical "detergent"
  • Heat "very high"
  • Agitation "scrubbing"
  • Time "enough to allow chemicals to work"

Carpet Repair

Our Technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in carpet repair and water damage restoration and can repair a variety of carpet damage such as split seams, carpet ripples, pet damage, carpet tears, small carpet burns, and carpet water damage. Here is an example of our work showing before and after carpet repair services in Lawton, OK. 

Power Carpet Stretching

Many carpet installers use short-cuts these days, and power stretching during carpet installation is the worst short-cut possible. Our power carpet stretcher is a heavy tool that requires setting up and breaking down in every room; a step that many installers would rather avoid. At A-Team Carpet Clean, we always stretch your carpet with a power stretcher.

Color Restoration

If your carpet has been discolored by a set-in stain or harsh chemicals such as bleach, our carpet color restoration can help you restore your carpet's hue. Small spots treated with our color restoration are very hard to detect, and the process is less expensive than replacing your entire carpet. The results in these before and after bleach correction and stain removal pictures speak for themselves:

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Significant technological advancements have been made in the tile & grout cleaning process since the old days of "hand-scrubbing on your knees". A-Team Carpet Clean provides tile and grout cleaning services in Lawton, OK and surrounding areas. We are equipped with a truck-mounted van system that allows for heat and pressure up to 1000 psi, getting even the most difficult stains from grout or tile. When finished, your tile and grout will look as new as it can with a professional cleaning!

There are four types of tiles, each requiring different kinds of care according to their characteristics and cleaning specifications:

  1. Man-Made Ceramic or Porcelain:  follow a similar pattern per tile or across 4 tiles and are hard high-fired in nature. Italian Quarry Tile (hard red) are found in most commercial kitchens, bakeries, and meat processing facilities and require the same cleaning methods.
  2. Satillo / Mexican Tiles:  come in many grades of hardness, quality, and shape, and are extremely porous. Even with a glaze-fired or heavily sealed service it can be easily chipped and show traffic wear over time.
  3. Vinyl Tile: typically are vinyl bodied with a clear acrylic top layer showing some texture, usually installed using a mastic or peel-n-stick adhesive.
  4. Natural Stones:  have endless varieties of colors and textures, with no two tiles alike and are "soft" in nature, porous, and can be easily scratched and appear dull over time. These include:
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Granite

Upholstery Care

From fine fabrics to Micro Fiber, A-Team Carpet Clean Technicians are trained in the care of even the most delicate fabric type, so you can feel comfortable in knowing they will choose the proper cleaning solution and process for your upholstery care. We use specially designed tools, and cleaning solutions to gently clean folds and crevices, we will ensure the entire piece is entirely clean.

We offer free estimates.

  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Deodorizing
  • Fabric Protection / Soil & Stain Resistance
  • Micro Fiber Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Vehicle Interior Care

Water Extraction

Water leak or flooding in the home is not something to play with. In most cases home owners use towels and shop vacs to remove excess water. This is not an effective method of water extraction or water damage repair and can be dangerous. The padding under your carpet acts like a sponge to bacteria and mold. Check out our Water Damage Testing Tips & Water Prevention Tips for more information.


Our Water Damage Repair Team has extensive knowledge and the necessary equipment needed to perform and accurate assessment of your affected area.

  • First we survey the extent of the water damage to every inch of the property. We make an estimate for the project and upon approval we get to work deploying our service technicians and making use of specialized processes to clean up the area immediately and begin the water extraction process.
  • Once we have your approval, we will remove all traces of standing water. Even an inch of water left standing for too long can lead to the breeding of bacteria causing mold and mildew. Secondary damage is prevented by using dry down methods that quickly get rid of excess water.
  • Next, the moist and damp environment is stabilized by using large air dehumidifiers and air movers to suck out the damp air that can cause further growth of mold and mildew. Fresh, dry air is blown back into the environment to stabilize and dry the air further.
  • Carpets and flooring are replaced, and all surfaces are cleaned and dried.
  • When the water damage restoration process is done your carpets will be properly cleaned.

Our water damage repair experts use the most effective water removal and industrial cleanup methods to ensure the fastest help possible. Call now for water extraction in Comanche County and our certified technicians will arrive within 60 minutes or less, depending on your location. We are available for 24-hour water extraction emergencies! You can take comfort in the fact that we are a Certified Cleaning and Restoration company.

Water damage requires immediate attention, so do not delay to call us at 580-713-1018 to speak with an emergency specialist who can assist you.