How to Prep Your Home For a New Pet

Whether you’re single and looking forward to having a furry companion around or eager to see your family bond with a new dog or cat, adopting a new pet is an exciting adventure. Still, new responsibilities and challenges may arise when you bring your four-legged friend home. 

When these challenges involve things like carpet stains or upholstery tears, the challenges can be frustrating to say the least. However, with proper preparation and planning, you can prevent some of the issues which commonly arise with a new pet living in your home. 

Here are a few tips to keep a happy and healthy home for everyone. 

How to prep your flooring:

  • Purchase a machine-washable area rug to keep by the door. Make a place for storing towels near the entry to wipe down your entire dog on rainy or slushy days.
  • If you’re considering making a flooring change, tile and linoleum are pet-friendly flooring options that allow you to easily wipe away pet waste. 
  • Seal hardwood floors with polyurethane to prevent urine odor retention.

How to prep your furniture: 

  • Consider moving furniture pieces that you don’t want your pet to have access to into rooms you can keep them out of. 
  • Consider your fabrics. Tweeds and patterns are more forgiving. If a light-colored solid is your upholstery of choice, however, make sure the slipcovers are machine-washable. Leather and vinyl furniture clean easier but may be damaged by long toenails! 
  • Work hard to teach your pet which furniture is theirs. Place dog beds in each room or make one piece of furniture the dog’s place. Cover this piece in a washable throw to allow for easier removal of dog hair. 

What you need specifically for your pet:

  • Consider your pet’s grooming needs. Ask around and find a trusted groomer before you bring your pet home if their hair will require it. Make and keep regular grooming appointments. 
  • Buy a nail trimmer. Rough edges may harm upholstery or other fabrics. 
  • Consider ways to make mealtimes neater. Purchase a large, absorbent placemat. After each meal, wipe off your pet’s jowls and ears if they get into their food. 

As experts in cleaning pet-friendly homes, we would love to solve any issues you are experiencing or foresee while having a pet in your home. Reach out to us today!