How Often & How to Keep Carpet Clean

As professional carpet cleaners in Lawton, Oklahoma, we are frequently asked about our recommendation on how often carpet should be cleaned by a professional, and how to keep carpet clean.

how to keep carpet clean

You think your carpet is clean until a professional deep cleans it!

We follow the recommendation from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC) which is to have your carpet cleaned by a professional every 12-18 months, but really this is based on your household. For a family with pets and kids this may be every six months due to additional wear and tear on carpet. Here are a few tips to help keep your carpet clean longer and extend the life of your carpet:

  • A good spotter and paper towels can make a big difference and is recommended to help maintain the carpet for daily spills. We recommend a spotter with a neutral pH that will not attract soil, such as our Spot-Out Stain Remover that is available for purchase for residents and businesses in Lawton, Oklahoma and surrounding areas of Comanche County.
  • Rotating furniture on a regular basis helps the carpet wear evenly to keep high traffic areas from getting bad.
  • Vacuuming carpet at least twice a week is recommended especially in traffic lanes. Check out our Vacuum Cleaner Buyer’s Guide to help you choose the right vacuum for your home.
  • Not wearing shoes in the house is a plus to help keep the carpet fibers from being damaged faster.
  • Investing in a Bissell® carpet cleaner for your home to use between professional cleanings can keep your carpet going longer.
  • Scotchgard® carpet application will help repel liquids, keeping the stain from setting in to your carpet before you can clean it up. A-Team Carpet Clean is currently offering a local BOGO Scotchgard Application Special so take advantage of this carpet saving deal!

how to keep carpet clean

Why does carpet show wear and tear? Since most carpet is made from polyester, the tips of carpet get scratched and the color is removed from the tips showing (high traffic) wear. It’s the same concept as scratching plexiglass as light will not refract as well and give it a dull look. Nylon carpet will hold up better from high traffic as it is designed to be a more durable carpet, but the downfall is that it can be stained since it has dye sites and is not solution dyed.

We hope these tips help you extend the life of your carpet through proper maintenance and professional carpet cleanings! Please contact us for more information or to book an appointment.