A-Team Carpet Clean Offers Exceptional Cleaning in These Extraordinary Times

dog on carpet needing fogging/ cleaning

The last several months have certainly been trying times for many families and businesses. Cleanliness has been on a lot of our customer’s minds as they protect their families from COVID-19 and make sure their businesses meet safety standards throughout the pandemic. 

New times require new cleaning solutions. To do our part to keep our community safe, we would like to offer a combination cleaning special. Let us clean soft surfaces and kill germs in your home or facility’s hard surfaces, giving you added peace of mind for your home or business! 

Carpet cleaning/ disinfectant special 

Carpet cleaning combined with disinfecting has been a high demand service. To show our appreciation to all our customers for trusting us with their home or business, we are offering a carpet cleaning and disinfectant special.

We know keeping up with the constant changes the last few months is time consuming for everyone. Remove some stress and gain peace of mind by knowing you can rely on one company to fog, clean carpets, and disinfect your home or business. 

About our carpet cleaning service 

A healthy home or office environment starts from the ground up with clean carpet. Research shows that properly maintained carpet promotes improved indoor air quality. Your carpet acts as a sponge capturing unwanted dust, soil, pollen, dander, food particles, and a host of other contaminants. 

To combat this problem, our team is applying an added disinfectant to our carpet cleaning process. This disinfectant fully saturates carpets so you can rest assured that you’re investing in high quality care for your space. 

Summer is always a great time to get your carpets cleaned. Let A-Team Carpet Clean eliminate the unwanted carpet  invaders, cleaning deep down and bringing back vibrant color and beauty to your carpet!

About our disinfecting service 

One thing customers love about our disinfecting service is that it offers same-day completion. Our disinfectant kills 99.9999% of germs within 10 mins and works on a variety of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Our professionals will apply a heavy blanket of disinfection with high volume fog on exposed surfaces within the structure. They will clean/disinfect areas, and wipe high traffic surfaces, giving you added protection from viruses. You have the convenience of getting carpet cleaning and disinfecting from one company, and the products we use are safe for anyone. You’ll be able to re-enter in just 10 minutes.

To take advantage of this amazing cleaning package,  contact us today! To learn about other specials available check out ateamcarpetclean.com/specials/.