most common carpet stainsCarpet stains are the worst! Luckily our Color Correction Specialist, Krystal Collins, has some great tips about how to fix the most common carpet stains. She obtained her specialist certification in 2013 and recently completed a continuing education course from Colorful Carpets in advanced training for Carpet Dyeing, Color Restoration, and Carpet Repair. During this class she learned about the many things that can cause color loss on carpet, but some of the most common carpet stains are:

  1. Bleach – The interesting thing with bleach is that if it has spilled onto the carpet within 2 weeks or less then it is very hard to get it out and/or neutralize. We recommend getting the bleach spot fixed by a professional AFTER that time frame to ensure it does not come back (i.e. waiting 2 weeks until it’s repaired).
  2. Pet Urine – Pet urine will cause the carpet to bleach out if it has stayed on the carpet for about 2 months or longer, so it is recommended to remove pet urine carpet stains immediately.
  3. Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Toilet bowl cleaner is an acid that will remove color from the carpets fairly quickly as well so it needs to be removed as soon as possible.
  4. Acne Medicine – The main ingredient that causes color loss on carpets in acne medicine is Benzyl Peroxide; this has an almost immediate reaction in taking the color out of carpets.
  5. Sun – The sun will remove color as well from the carpets in homes, sometimes so much that the owner will have to get amber colored window film placed on the window to help prevent this.

How to fix the most common carpet stains? In many cases the most common carpet stains are able to be dyed through a color restoration process by a professional who has been trained and certified as a Color Correction Specialist. If the carpet stain is white and the carpet affected is falling apart when you touch it, then carpet repair will need to be done in order to fix the problem (cut it out replace with new carpet) instead of color restoration services. Just be sure to immediately contact A-Team Carpet Clean or another professional for advice about the best way to fix your carpet.

bleach carpet repair

Our little team member loves to help with bleach carpet repair jobs!

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